Generic 3rd Grade Supply List:


*Individual teachers may ask for different or additional items


6 folders (different colors/designs is helpful) – NO binders please


2 wide-ruled, hardbound composition books (Science, Writing)


1 package wide-ruled notebook paper


4 dozen #2 pencils (Ticonderoga brand seems to sharpen the best!)


6 large glue sticks


1 bottle of white glue (like Elmers)


1 large eraser OR pencil-top erasers


1 package (pre-sharpened) colored pencils (*We do NOT use markers in class.)


1 box of crayons (48 count or less)


2 dark-colored dry erase markers (NO red please)


1 black permanent felt pen (like a Sharpie)


1 sharp, pointed pair of scissors


1 small supply box (Not the big, long ones!)


1-2 zippered pencil pouch (One is for class $)


1 backpack (NO wheels!)


1 box of baby wipes or anti-bacterial wipes


1 box of tissues


1 white t-shirt to tie-dye later


*1 positive attitude ready and willing to learn


*1 student who will try his/her best and be a good classroom citizen


**Optional items if you’d like to donate: bottle of hand sanitizer or small Treasure Box items


(fun pencils, erasers, little toys, stickers...)